cf95173b7dd5f3a5c6798eb98dc5f7da78d09332 (tags/0.8)
Omar Polo <op@omarpolo.com>
Wed May 25 14:43:14 2022 UTC
tag 0.8 "Le Scarpe Volanti"
tag 0.8, "Le Scarpe Volanti" The 0.8 release is named after "Le Scarpe Volanti" a song by Verdena. Note: landlock is currently disabled on linux due to the fs/ui merge. New Features ------------ * save and restore scroll position * new command reply-last-input; idea from a conversation with thfr@, thanks! * allow push urls to an already opened telescope session * autocompletions for load-url and load-current-url * new command write-buffer (with alias w) * new command mini-kill-whole-line for the minibuffer * split the minibuffer input into words and try to match out of order Improvements ------------ * move aliases at the top of the completions * add alias `open' for load-url; suggested by Florian, thanks! * update emoji-data.txt to 14.0.0 * persist the list of visited URLs to the disk * fix builds out-of-tree * correctly mark variables in the manpage so it's possible to jump to them * rework completions selection: the selected entry is *always* the one used. if nothing is selected, the minibuffer content is used instead. * merge the ui and fs processes * rate-limit the update of the download pane Bug Fixes --------- * fix parsing of invalid link lines * initialize each tab' loadingev timer event * fix the build on recent version of musl
Omar Polo