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Omar Polo <op@omarpolo.com>
Fri Aug 27 07:48:02 2021 UTC
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tag 0.5 -- "Le nuvole" New features: - support for the finger protocol - support for the gopher protocol (only item types 0, 1 and 7 for the moment) - highlight diff/patches - typing the protocol of a URI is not needed anymore: added some heuristics to assume file:// URLs and fall back to gemini:// as default - open local files and directories - add an autosave timer to persist the session once in a while - scroll completions with M-v/C-v (mini-scroll-up/mini-scroll-down) - variable `tab-bar-show' controls the visibility of the tab bar Improvements: - new heuristics to extract a title for pages without headings: use the domain name or the "tilde username" - about:new updated with some gopher links too - reload doesn't push the current url to the history anymore - push-button-new-tab opens a new tab *right after* the current one, not as the last - improved the crash detection - M-[ and M-] are bind to tab-move-to/tab-move Bugfixes: - fixed some crashes caused by cursor movements on empty pages - correctly parse multiple attributes
Omar Polo