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* call memcpy(3) with the correct volues!HEADmasterOmar Polo2020-04-291
* some raw numbersOmar Polo2020-04-291
* added implementation that reads from stdinOmar Polo2020-04-291
* added heap_indexof and heap_containsOmar Polo2020-04-291
* use a monotonic clock instead of gettimeofdayOmar Polo2020-04-291
* some tweaks to the heapselect algoOmar Polo2020-04-291
* use ssize_t to avoid the troubles of size_tOmar Polo2020-04-291
* corrected implementation of heap_insertOmar Polo2020-04-291
* alignment & spacesOmar Polo2020-04-291
* riscrittura del codice e aggiunta di (pochi) commentiOmar Polo2020-04-241
* small tweak to latex outputOmar Polo2020-04-231
* initial commitOmar Polo2020-04-231