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== [8.0.6] (not released yet) ==
* Add support of OpenBSD/aarch64
+* Allocate start_info struct on the stack in GC_pthread_create
* Allow GC_PAUSE_TIME_TARGET environment variable values smaller than 5 ms
* Avoid compiler warning about unused d in GC_CALLOC/MALLOC_EXPLICITLY_TYPED
+* Compile C++ code with exception handling enabled in NT_MAKEFILE
* Define OS_TYPE and DATAEND for UWP targets
* Disable mprotect-based incremental GC if /proc roots are used (Linux)
* Do not use Manual VDB mode if C malloc is redirected
+* Do not use iOS private symbols
* Eliminate 'GC_old_bus_handler defined but not used' compiler warning
* Eliminate 'comparing signed and unsigned values' BCC warning in cordtest
+* Eliminate 'gc_pthread_redirects.h should contain header guard' code defect
* Eliminate 'possible loss of data' BCC and MS VC warnings
* Eliminate 'static GC_sysinfo definition has incomplete type' Clang warning
* Eliminate 'unused function' compiler warnings (GC_add_map_entry, GC_lock)
@@ -116,9 +120,12 @@
* Fix 'condition pred!=NULL is always true' compiler warning
* Fix 'external linkage required for var because of dllimport' error on MinGW
* Fix 'ulong undefined' compilation error on AIX
+* Fix 'write to GC log failed' error (Cygwin)
* Fix 'wrong finalization data' gctest failure on Windows
* Fix MPROTECT_VDB definition for single-threaded GC builds
* Fix OS_TYPE and USE_MMAP_ANON definitions for Cygwin/x64
+* Fix STACKBOTTOM on 32-bit HP/UX 11.11
+* Fix abort in GC_printf when gctest is built as WinMain executable (Cygwin)
* Fix build for OS X (CMake)
* Fix building of shared library with C++ support on MinGW
* Fix compiling by Makefile.direct on OpenBSD/UltraSparc
@@ -127,6 +134,7 @@
* Fix first_thread stack_base initialization if custom GC_stackbottom (Win32)
* Fix gc_allocator.h compilation by Clang
* Fix incorrect markup formatting in documentation
+* Fix mmap() failures on HP/UX
* Fix mmap(PROT_NONE) failure on AIX
* Fix printf format specifier in simple_example.md
* Fix save_callers for multi-threaded case if built-in backtrace unavailable
@@ -135,6 +143,7 @@
* Fix test_cpp failure when gc_cpp resides in a dll (Borland, Watcom)
* Fix various typos mostly in documentation files
* Fix word size, data start and alignment for OpenBSD/mips64(el)
+* New macro to avoid system-wide new/delete inlining in gc_cpp.h (Win32)
* Prevent GetThreadContext failure (Windows)
* Prevent WARN of incompatible incremental GC if default or manual VDB
* Reduce a time period between GetExitCodeThread and SuspendThread (Win32)