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masterupdates to the gmid pageOmar Polo8 days
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8 daysupdates to the gmid pageHEADmasterOmar Polo1
8 daysnew postOmar Polo2
9 dayshtml-escape entities when converting gemtext to html (hiccup)Omar Polo1
9 days[www] improve header and correctly link imagesOmar Polo1
9 dayscopy the images also for geminiOmar Polo1
9 daysconverted emms post to gmi + update code (hydra) and screenshotOmar Polo3
9 days[www] style fixes: respect double space after dot and overflow codeOmar Polo1
9 daysadd a page for mymenuOmar Polo3
2020-10-05typoOmar Polo1
2020-10-05improve (?) the site banner on geminiOmar Polo1