Last Change
Algol68 mode for Emacs
5 months ago
utility to manage acme(1) tags
21 months ago
music player daemon NIH
3 days ago
blog statically generated with clojure
2 months ago
small repl to test REST endpoints
22 months ago
track alpine packages
2 years ago
new-new-new dotfiles thingy
3 days ago
generating dungeons with gdscript and cellular automata
2 years ago
variant of the Dvorak Programmer (dvp) layout for some european languages
21 months ago
full text search experiments
5 weeks ago
teach clojure how to gemini
2 months ago
irc bot for #gemini-it
4 months ago
gemini frontend for the OpenBSD ports tree
4 months ago
Simple and secure Gemini server
2 weeks ago
A modern, performant 9P library for Go.
4 months ago
Stefan Sperling's Game of Trees
8 weeks ago
the definitive game
22 months ago
9p file server daemon for UNIX
7 days ago
The Second Best Game Ever
19 months ago
lazy ssh tunnel
2 months ago
a menu for xorg
26 hours ago
Gemini client library and experimental GUI
3 months ago with patches
3 months ago
Plan9' sam emulation for Emacs
13 months ago
Omar Polo