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* mention integration with emacs & acmeHEADmasterOmar Polo2020-07-221
* fix u_char detectionOmar Polo2020-07-221
* added crest4e: the emacs wrapperOmar Polo2020-07-224
* added compat layer for errr(3): {err,warn}{,x}Omar Polo2020-07-174
* nitpick: fixing typesOmar Polo2020-07-172
* don't panic when there are no more message to readOmar Polo2020-07-171
* mention alpine curl-devOmar Polo2020-07-161
* fix build on non openbsd systemsOmar Polo2020-07-162
* switching to mesonOmar Polo2020-07-1621
* removed dead commentsOmar Polo2020-07-151
* fixed various syntactical inconsistenciesOmar Polo2020-07-152
* add interactive -i mode, and rename old -i to -AOmar Polo2020-07-154
* add missing pledge tty for readline and enable it by defaultOmar Polo2020-07-152
* no need to be fancyOmar Polo2020-03-311
* Merge branch 'readline'Omar Polo2020-03-314
| * disable readline by defaultOmar Polo2020-03-311
| * initial readline supportOmar Polo2020-03-314
* | added todosOmar Polo2020-02-231
* Use SHELL from environment instead of hardcoded /bin/shOmar Polo2019-12-013
* typoOmar Polo2019-12-011
* removed extra spaceOmar Polo2019-12-011
* Added EXAMPLE and BUGS section, fixed typo in CAVEATSOmar Polo2019-12-012
* Print only a \n when exit due to quitOmar Polo2019-10-272
* pass the correct FILE to ferrorOmar Polo2019-10-271
* improved help commandOmar Polo2019-10-273
* print a nice message before quittingOmar Polo2019-10-271
* disallow -1 to unset portOmar Polo2019-10-271
* wordingOmar Polo2019-10-272
* added rule to generate crest.1.mdOmar Polo2019-10-271
* wordingOmar Polo2019-10-271
* updated README: mention new commandsOmar Polo2019-10-271
* Added unset command to unset optionsOmar Polo2019-10-273
* fixed commentOmar Polo2019-10-271
* new behaviour: empty prefix == delete prefixOmar Polo2019-10-271
* Don't print prefix if NULLOmar Polo2019-10-271
* New add command. No more "set header My-header: value"Omar Polo2019-10-277
* Added del commandOmar Polo2019-10-276
* hdrs can be NULLOmar Polo2019-10-271
* typoOmar Polo2019-10-271
* improved readmeOmar Polo2019-10-271
* new readme!Omar Polo2019-10-272
* added markdown version of the manpageOmar Polo2019-10-261
* added CAVEATS section -- mention vis(3)Omar Polo2019-10-261
* fix logic error: process_message is 1 on IMSG_EXITOmar Polo2019-10-261
* install and uninstall targetOmar Polo2019-10-261
* main process needs rpath pledgeOmar Polo2019-10-261
* Don't allocate payload if datalen == 0Omar Polo2019-10-251
* added a manpageOmar Polo2019-10-251
* allow empty lines and commentsOmar Polo2019-10-251
* struct settings now belongs only to the childOmar Polo2019-10-244