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maininitial commitOmar Polo9 months
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2020-12-15added a planHEADmasterOmar Polo1
2020-07-25it ain't fun without the plumberOmar Polo1
2020-07-2510 seconds sleeps seems to work (some time?)Omar Polo1
2020-07-25I once got an emacs error: too many open files. no more (hopefully)Omar Polo1
2020-07-25don't lock the screenOmar Polo1
2020-07-25why don't use pane_current_path ?Omar Polo1
2020-07-25/usr/ports/infrastructure/bin goes straight to the PATH!Omar Polo1
2020-07-25it's handy to hove CVSROOT instead of -d every. single. time.Omar Polo1
2020-07-25move GOT_AUTHOR to .profileOmar Polo2
2020-07-25add mystuff to CDPATHOmar Polo1