BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainadd lua to the list of modes for cool {RET and (RETOmar Polo21 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
21 hoursadd lua to the list of modes for cool {RET and (RETHEADmainOmar Polo1
3 dayshook luarocksOmar Polo1
3 daysxdg-open: fixed images types handlingOmar Polo1
5 dayssubscribe to luarocks releasesOmar Polo1
5 dayslua51 -> lua53Omar Polo1
6 daysdisable tabs in lua-mode buffersOmar Polo1
6 daysset lua-default-application to lua51Omar Polo1
10 daysemms-volume-sndioctl was upstreamed!Omar Polo1
11 daysavoid using project.el from ELPAOmar Polo1
13 daysadd feedOmar Polo1