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* switch back : with ', to make it like the original dvorakOmar Polo2020-08-211
* Added δ and ΔOmar Polo2018-11-211
* Re-reverted comment about the public domain (done by accident)Omar Polo2018-09-211
* ¿Added?Omar Polo2018-09-211
* Removed mention to ISC licenseOmar Polo2018-09-201
* Added ç and ÇOmar Polo2018-09-201
* added °Omar Polo2018-07-041
* (quasi) reverted left upper rowOmar Polo2018-07-041
* `fixed' position of `{[('Omar Polo2018-06-241
* added %Omar Polo2018-06-221
* Initial commitOmar Polo2018-06-221