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* ColBorder has been moved to the enum with ColFg and ColBg.Christopher Drelich2018-03-141
* sync dmenu drw.{c,h} code: use Clr* (was Scm)Hiltjo Posthuma2017-11-031
* import new drw from libsl and minor fixes.Markus Teich2016-06-261
* sync updated drw code from dmenuHiltjo Posthuma2015-10-201
* Add Xft and follback-fonts support to graphics libEric Pruitt2015-03-131
* applied Julian's enum approach,Anselm R Garbe2013-06-191
* finished libsl/drw integrationAnselm R Garbe2013-06-161
* renamed draw into drwAnselm R Garbe2013-04-171