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masterevolvedOmar Polo13 months
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2020-08-18evolvedHEADmasterOmar Polo1
2020-08-18added some of filesOmar Polo4
2020-07-25jumbo commitOmar Polo1
2020-07-25initialize package things reorganized (?)Omar Polo1
2020-07-25reorder plus some improvements (maybe)Omar Polo1
2020-07-25C-x O to reverse other window: why isn't this a default?Omar Polo1
2020-07-25removed tab customizationsOmar Polo1
2020-07-25m-/ to complete at pointOmar Polo1
2020-07-25appearance tweaksOmar Polo1
2020-07-25reorder + speedbar + HideShow mode!Omar Polo1