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* don't log messagesHEADmasterOmar Polo2022-01-081
* fetch the title also for gemini URLsOmar Polo2022-01-081
* add a safety net: picks up only the first 50 characters of the HTTP titleOmar Polo2022-01-081
* improve the title fetching stuffOmar Polo2022-01-081
* heuristic for links and more logging for nowOmar Polo2021-12-021
* debug printfOmar Polo2021-12-021
* correctly extract the titleOmar Polo2021-12-021
* typoOmar Polo2021-12-021
* fetch links title and send them back as privmsgOmar Polo2021-12-021
* download messages that are too long and re-send them to ircOmar Polo2021-11-071
* typoOmar Polo2021-07-301
* handle images tooOmar Polo2021-07-301
* adjust channel nameOmar Polo2021-07-301
* switch to liberaOmar Polo2021-07-301
* connect to correct channelOmar Polo2021-04-271
* fix urlOmar Polo2021-04-271
* initial commitOmar Polo2021-04-271