tag name1.7 (b5b44319f04473c304560fbd74eb532c1a5e85b8)
tag date2021-07-10 11:58:17 +0200
tagged byOmar Polo <op@omarpolo.com>
tagged objectcommit b79b2d811b...
Starting from this version gmid doesn't depend on lex anymore, but
yacc is still needed. * initial fastcgi support! (it's still young!) * added user-defined macros, either via `-Dname=val` or directly in the configuration file. * new `include` keyword to load additional configuration files. * new `env` rule to define environment vars for CGI scripts. * new `alias` rule to define hostname aliases for a server. * allow `root` to be specified per-location block. * pidfile support with the new `-P` cli flag. * define `TLS_VERSION`, `TLS_CIPHER` and `TLS_CIPHER_STRENGTH` for CGI scripts. * remove limits on the number of virtual hosts and location blocks that can be defined. * print the datetime when logging to stderr. * use `text/x-patch` for `.patch` and `.diff` files. * sort the auto index alphabetically. * various improvements to the log management. * drop the dependency on lex. * added `--help` as synonym of `-h` and `-V`/`--version` to print the version. * c-like handling of strings in the configuration file: when two or more strings are next to each-others, are automatically joined into a single string. This is particularly useful with `$`-macros. * correctly handle CGI scripts that replies with the maxium header length allowed. * fixed the `static` target. * fixed recursive mkdirs for configless mode (i.e. create `~/.local/share/gmid`) * logs sent to syslog now have proper priority (before every message ended up as LOG_CRIT). Found by Anna "CyberTailor", thanks! * ensure `%p` (path) is always absolute in `block return` rules. * fix automatic certificate generation, it caused problems on some android devices. Found by Gnuserland, thanks! * document the `log` rule. * the seccomp filter was reworked and now it's known to work properly on a vast range of architectures (to be more specific: all the architectures supported by alpine linux), see github issue #4. Prompted and tested by @begss, thanks! * various improvements to the configure script, notified and fixed by Anna "CyberTailor", thanks! * added a timeout to the regression tests. * if duplicate rules are found in the configuration file, an error is now raised instead of silently using only the last value. * (sort of) `gg` moved to `regress` as it's only used in the regression suite. * (notice) the `mime "mime-type" "extension"` rule was deprecated and replaced by the new `map "mime-type" to-ext "extension"`. The `mime` rule will be removed in a future version because its syntax is incompatible with the new string auto-concat mechanism.