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* lerping around. smoother movements for player in dash & notHEADmasterOmar Polo2020-07-222
* godot update added audio stuff.Omar Polo2020-07-221
* xyzOmar Polo2020-05-061
* minor formattingOmar Polo2020-05-061
* fmtOmar Polo2020-05-061
* detangled pistol and actorsOmar Polo2020-05-0611
* added properties to playerOmar Polo2020-05-061
* change project nameOmar Polo2020-05-061
* non so fare audio? non ti conviene triggeramiRiccardo Mazzurco2020-05-028
* guns w/ signal, dead state & moreOmar Polo2020-05-029
* enemies shoot nowOmar Polo2020-05-0212
* life, health, signal, stuff...Omar Polo2020-05-0218
* WASD, but for dvorakOmar Polo2020-05-011
* new map, animation, lights 'n stuffOmar Polo2020-05-0116
* adjustements to the spriteOmar Polo2020-04-291
* less shitty argo for entities positioningOmar Polo2020-04-291
* test with random generation of mapOmar Polo2020-04-2911
* don't hardcode speedOmar Polo2020-04-281
* less loggingOmar Polo2020-04-281
* .normalized() otherwise the player moves faster in diagonalOmar Polo2020-04-281
* ia corrected + steering behaviours + maybe something moreOmar Polo2020-04-2810
* sexy shootingOmar Polo2020-04-2714
* HUD is now coolOmar Polo2020-04-262
* the HUD is here, baby!Omar Polo2020-04-262
* draw scent UNDER the actor, not above itOmar Polo2020-04-261
* coseOmar Polo2020-04-261
* added some HUD and a cooldown for the dashOmar Polo2020-04-264
* don't follow the player if it's too far awayOmar Polo2020-04-261
* added background and debugging printOmar Polo2020-04-267
* more type annotations and removed some useless variablesOmar Polo2020-04-266
* use inheritance to access dfa variableOmar Polo2020-04-264
* recursive type-hint-references between classes is not availableOmar Polo2020-04-261
* corrected scent and movements of actorsOmar Polo2020-04-2610
* added types around and ActorOmar Polo2020-04-269
* created the main class that the player and enemies will inheritOmar Polo2020-04-261
* ho dimenticato una roba sorryRiccardo Mazzurco2020-04-251
* Cosi rende meglio!Riccardo Mazzurco2020-04-253
* Rotazione del corpoRiccardo Mazzurco2020-04-252
* Merge branch 'master' of Mazzurco2020-04-2512
| * move_and_slide >>>> move_and_collideOmar Polo2020-04-257
| * enemy follows scents if it doesn't see the playerOmar Polo2020-04-247
| * player leaves a scentOmar Polo2020-04-246
* | Merge branch 'master' of Mazzurco2020-04-24323
| * enemy follows playerOmar Polo2020-04-246
| * added assetsOmar Polo2020-04-242
| * added some assetsOmar Polo2020-04-24315
* | Merge branch 'master' of Mazzurco2020-04-242
| * quit on shift-qOmar Polo2020-04-241
| * added camera and obstacleOmar Polo2020-04-241
* | Merge branch 'master' of Mazzurco2020-04-242