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mainadd draft of a tutorialOmar Polo4 days
portableninepscript: drop per-test `dir'Omar Polo3 weeks
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4 daysadd draft of a tutorialHEADmainOmar Polo1
4 daystypoOmar Polo1
4 dayssite: tweak 9p rfc link textOmar Polo1
4 daysfix the title now that `subst' handles spacesOmar Polo1
4 daysrewrite subst in perlOmar Polo1
4 daysspacingOmar Polo1
4 dayssite: add menu on the www siteOmar Polo2
4 dayssite: small tweaksOmar Polo3
4 dayschange script for gmi->html, update style; add makefileOmar Polo4
4 daysimprove and add pagesOmar Polo4