kamid -- 9p file server daemon

kamid is a FREE, easy-to-use and portable implementation of a 9p file server daemon for UNIX-like systems.


kamid depends on libtls, libevent and yacc/GNU bison. To build from a release tarball:

sudo make install # eventually

to build from a git checkout:



In order to run, a _kamid user must exists. The home directory of _kamid should be /var/empty or similar. A configuration file is also needed. kamid must be started with root privileges.

A sample configuration file:

pki localhost cert "/path/to/localhost.crt"
pki localhost key  "/path/to/localhost.key"

table users { "SHA256:..." => "op" }

listen on localhost port 1337 tls pki localhost auth <users>


The regression suite needs to be run with root privileges, since it has to spawn a subprocess that needs to chroot(2) itself. To run the tests, issue

# make check

The regression uses a custom DSL, ninepscript, to run the tests. See regress/sample.9ps for an example of the grammar. contrib/9ps-mode.el is the major mode for Emacs.


kamid is released under a BSD-like license. The bulk of the code is under the ISC license, but some file are BSD2 or BSD3.