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* restructure project and switch build systemOmar Polo14 days1
* reply with an Rerror if Rread/Rstat would overflow msizeOmar Polo2022-01-021
* tread: read at most the requested sizeOmar Polo2022-01-021
* improve comment regarding 9p Tstat complianceOmar Polo2021-12-301
* fix the stat on directoriesOmar Polo2021-12-301
* trailing whitespacesOmar Polo2021-12-301
* use NL_TEXTMAX for the strerror_r bufferOmar Polo2021-12-291
* publish struct qidOmar Polo2021-12-271
* reset readdir buffer when the client seeks back to zeroOmar Polo2021-12-271
* simple fix to avoid messages bigger than what we can currently handleOmar Polo2021-12-271
* typoOmar Polo2021-12-271
* fix tremove wrt directoriesOmar Polo2021-12-261
* dis-entagle qids from the directory file descriptorOmar Polo2021-12-241
* fix comments regarding fd and iomodeOmar Polo2021-12-241
* clarify qid implementation: they are only wrappers around direrctory fdsOmar Polo2021-12-231
* delete double returnOmar Polo2021-12-231
* cosmetic s/ATTR_DEAD/__deadOmar Polo2021-12-231
* ensure that a walk with zero paths don't replies with a qidOmar Polo2021-12-211
* Tcreate: check against ".", ".." and files with `/' in them.Omar Polo2021-12-201
* Merge branch 'main' of ssh://omarpolo.com/kamidcage2021-12-201
| * implement TremoveOmar Polo2021-12-201
| * typoOmar Polo2021-12-201
* | - [regress-extra] added test for tCreate, both file and directory.cage2021-12-201
* implement TcreateOmar Polo2021-12-201
* implement TstatOmar Polo2021-12-181
* drop extra do_sendOmar Polo2021-12-181
* fix typo. spotted by cage, thanks!Omar Polo2021-12-171
* implement TwriteOmar Polo2021-12-161
* allow directory to be read again using offset 0Omar Polo2021-12-161
* implement Tread against directoriesOmar Polo2021-12-161
* PATH_MAX already accounts for NULOmar Polo2021-12-161
* free evp only if it was allocatedOmar Polo2021-12-151
* typo spotted by cage, thanks!Omar Polo2021-12-151
* initialize evbuffer only for dirsOmar Polo2021-12-151
* first half of the tread implementation done, no new tests yetOmar Polo2021-12-151
* allow opening directories (for reading only)Omar Polo2021-12-151
* fix walk fid check: look at fd not iomode to see if it was openedOmar Polo2021-12-141
* ensure we don't call openat(2) with "" as pathOmar Polo2021-12-141
* fix Tattach handlingOmar Polo2021-12-141
* don't let nwqid become negativeOmar Polo2021-12-141
* Twalk: validate path componentOmar Polo2021-12-141
* Topen implementedOmar Polo2021-12-131
* initialize to -1 fid' fdOmar Polo2021-12-131
* update qid and fid structs + docsOmar Polo2021-12-131
* don't allow duplicating a fid already opened for I/OOmar Polo2021-12-021
* fmtOmar Polo2021-12-021
* bit of refactoringOmar Polo2021-08-121
* lower the priority of some logsOmar Polo2021-08-061
* disable DEBUG_PACKETSOmar Polo2021-08-021
* compute path/vers/type in twalk' wqidOmar Polo2021-08-021