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* compat for memmemOmar Polo2021-08-041
* don't edit CFLAGS, only AM_CFLAGSOmar Polo2021-08-041
* add compat for strsepOmar Polo2021-07-281
* fix bufferevent tls I/O on libevent2Omar Polo2021-07-271
* s/SIMPLEQ_/STAILQ_/gOmar Polo2021-07-261
* check for arc4random now that we have proper libbsdOmar Polo2021-07-261
* fix linkage to libbsdOmar Polo2021-07-261
* don't bundle arc4random, if not available use incremented counterOmar Polo2021-07-231
* add arc4random compat from opensmtpdOmar Polo2021-07-221
* add compat for freezeroOmar Polo2021-07-221
* add ohash compatOmar Polo2021-07-221
* compat for sys/tree.hOmar Polo2021-07-221
* added various compatsOmar Polo2021-07-221
* initial commitOmar Polo2021-07-221