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* drop useless printOmar Polo2021-08-121
* move walk tests to their own fileOmar Polo2021-08-122
* renameOmar Polo2021-08-121
* test walking to a fileOmar Polo2021-08-121
* there's no reason to skip the walk test nowOmar Polo2021-08-081
* various tweaks so the tests now pass! :DOmar Polo2021-08-071
* reorganize testsOmar Polo2021-08-074
* add a test with should-fail as statementOmar Polo2021-08-071
* add a test that should failOmar Polo2021-08-071
* add assert on the message typeOmar Polo2021-08-071
* tags are 16-bits wideOmar Polo2021-08-061
* start testing the interpreter against the client processOmar Polo2021-08-061
* messing aroundOmar Polo2021-08-061
* use the new debug builtinOmar Polo2021-08-051
* assert don't takes commasOmar Polo2021-08-051
* iota is now a functionOmar Polo2021-08-051
* start playing with rest argumentsOmar Polo2021-08-051
* playing with the new printOmar Polo2021-08-041
* renameOmar Polo2021-08-041
* syncOmar Polo2021-08-041
* play with casts, variables and globalsOmar Polo2021-08-041
* rework args and blocks: use a real stackOmar Polo2021-08-041
* first draft of the ninepscript interpreterOmar Polo2021-08-031
* constants and commentsOmar Polo2021-08-021
* drafting a "9pscript" for regress testingOmar Polo2021-08-023