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* add .nwqid and .wqid, as well as .<number>, for messagesOmar Polo2021-08-081
* add should-fail as block statementOmar Polo2021-08-071
* add should-fail signature for testsOmar Polo2021-08-071
* add builtin_{recv,send}; connect the tests with the client processOmar Polo2021-08-061
* add field accessOmar Polo2021-08-051
* edits for varargsOmar Polo2021-08-051
* add OP_REST for rest argumentsOmar Polo2021-08-051
* pp->print & better vararg support for builtin functionsOmar Polo2021-08-041
* handle numbers and casts betterOmar Polo2021-08-041
* set argc on builtinsOmar Polo2021-08-041
* add environments; implement funcall, set/get variables and globalsOmar Polo2021-08-041
* implement castsOmar Polo2021-08-041
* rename the constants resultOmar Polo2021-08-041
* rework args and blocks: use a real stackOmar Polo2021-08-041
* first draft of the ninepscript interpreterOmar Polo2021-08-031