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masterremoved badgeOmar Polo18 months
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2020-04-04removed badgeHEADmasterOmar Polo1
2019-12-12updated manpageOmar Polo1
2019-12-12added r commandOmar Polo1
2019-12-12corrected a bug in the s commands + test addedOmar Polo2
2019-12-12add comment about working and memory management of file_append_atOmar Polo1
2019-12-12file_delete_curs: use the cursor passed and not f->cursOmar Polo1
2019-12-12implemented s commandOmar Polo2
2019-12-12Fixes some off-by-one like errors in re matchingOmar Polo2
2019-12-10added coverage supportOmar Polo3
2019-12-10Fixed test suiteOmar Polo1