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* removed badgeHEADmasterOmar Polo2020-04-041
* updated manpageOmar Polo2019-12-121
* added r commandOmar Polo2019-12-121
* corrected a bug in the s commands + test addedOmar Polo2019-12-122
* add comment about working and memory management of file_append_atOmar Polo2019-12-121
* file_delete_curs: use the cursor passed and not f->cursOmar Polo2019-12-121
* implemented s commandOmar Polo2019-12-122
* Fixes some off-by-one like errors in re matchingOmar Polo2019-12-122
* added coverage supportOmar Polo2019-12-103
* Fixed test suiteOmar Polo2019-12-101
* splitted code in more filesOmar Polo2019-12-108
* more testsOmar Polo2019-12-071
* more commandsOmar Polo2019-12-071
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'Omar Polo2019-12-011
| * Update 'README.md'yumh2019-12-011
* | fixed two stupid memory-related errorsOmar Polo2019-12-011
* more testsOmar Polo2019-12-011
* better output in case of errorOmar Polo2019-12-011
* implemented <, >, | and ! commands!Omar Polo2019-12-011
* improved address handlingOmar Polo2019-11-301
* New history implementationOmar Polo2019-11-302
* mention on BUGS combining charactersOmar Polo2019-11-301
* improve B command documentationOmar Polo2019-11-301
* comments fmt + print \ before literal [ or ]Omar Polo2019-11-301
* implement escaping in cclOmar Polo2019-11-301
* first scratch version of a manpageOmar Polo2019-11-081
* more testsOmar Polo2019-11-081
* implemented other thingsOmar Polo2019-11-082
* added LIST_PREVOmar Polo2019-11-081
* added a memdup functionOmar Polo2019-11-081
* added strtonum from OpenBSDOmar Polo2019-11-083
* small program to test utf8.cOmar Polo2019-11-071
* removed useless stuffOmar Polo2019-11-071
* first version of the editorOmar Polo2019-11-072
* added re_escchar for escape + char -> charOmar Polo2019-11-072
* more testsOmar Polo2019-11-072
* now it is called led.cOmar Polo2019-11-071
* added compat for strlcpy prototypeOmar Polo2019-11-071
* added queue.h from OpenBSDOmar Polo2019-11-071
* added strlcpy from OpenBSDOmar Polo2019-11-071
* removed variable and added strlcpy from OpenBSDOmar Polo2019-11-071
* re_compile accept and end ptrOmar Polo2019-11-063
* commentOmar Polo2019-11-051
* adapt to re_match changes and rearranged codeOmar Polo2019-11-051
* re_match accepts a const char *end pointerOmar Polo2019-11-052
* initial commitOmar Polo2019-11-0514