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masterNon so fareRiccardo Mazzurco10 months
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2020-11-07Non so fareHEADmasterRiccardo Mazzurco2
2020-11-07non funzionaRiccardo Mazzurco5
2020-11-06Request to fixRiccardo Mazzurco14
2020-11-06new assets!Riccardo Mazzurco17
2020-11-06ask for a “precise” navigationOmar Polo1
2020-11-06shop items can be dragged!Omar Polo2
2020-11-06refactor the shop code a bitOmar Polo1
2020-11-06show the tooltip on shopitemsOmar Polo1
2020-11-05first try at implementing a shopOmar Polo5
2020-11-05load some desiresOmar Polo1