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* (hopefully) make sam-get-line cleanerOmar Polo2020-08-011
* remove sam-display-prompt in favor of sam-promptOmar Polo2020-08-011
* improved output of position if (= begin end)Omar Polo2020-07-251
* remove debug messageOmar Polo2020-07-251
* fix sam-cmd-buflist and sam-cmd-linenumOmar Polo2020-07-251
* unquote so it gets evaluatedOmar Polo2020-07-251
* fix the airity of the sam-cmd-* functionsOmar Polo2020-07-251
* go to the end of *sam* buffer before executing the commandOmar Polo2020-07-251
* add comment mentioning the matching orderOmar Polo2020-07-251
* improved command parsingOmar Polo2020-07-251
* fixed URLsOmar Polo2020-07-241
* initial commitOmar Polo2020-07-241