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masterpoint out the limitation with reparenting window managersOmar Polo15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
2020-11-05point out the limitation with reparenting window managersHEADmasterOmar Polo2
2020-10-08-etags ... || trueOmar Polo1
2020-10-08grabkey only on the targeted windowsOmar Polo2
2020-10-08make grabkey accept the target window as parameterOmar Polo2
2020-10-04exec only on key pressOmar Polo1
2020-10-04rework send_fake: copy as much as possible from the original eventOmar Polo2
2020-10-01improved readme. also mention bisonOmar Polo1
2020-10-01explicitly pass -b y to ${YACC}Omar Polo1
2020-10-01improved and added documentationOmar Polo2
2020-10-01trying to improve error messageOmar Polo1