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* kill unused scan_scaledOmar Polo2021-06-231
* "humanize" byte progressOmar Polo2021-06-231
* add compat for strsepOmar Polo2021-04-251
* drop the __attribute__Omar Polo2021-03-231
* fix compilation on glibcOmar Polo2021-03-193
* include compat, not configOmar Polo2021-03-171
* typoOmar Polo2021-03-171
* added compat for ohashOmar Polo2021-03-172
* add compat for memmem(3)Omar Polo2021-03-131
* this is not gmid!Omar Polo2021-03-121
* fix compat layer buildOmar Polo2021-03-126
* added some compatOmar Polo2021-03-122
* add bunch of compats for compatibilityOmar Polo2021-03-0813