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* fix the tab title heuristicOmar Polo2021-06-231
* heuristic to obtain the page title if not h1 foundOmar Polo2021-05-131
* include styleOmar Polo2021-05-131
* typoOmar Polo2021-03-211
* refactor parsers: add parser_foreach_line to rule 'em allOmar Polo2021-03-201
* in pre lines, add the alt text as line textOmar Polo2021-03-171
* retire telescope_strnchr in favor of memmemOmar Polo2021-03-161
* fix various warnings, no functional changesOmar Polo2021-03-151
* show page title in tabsOmar Polo2021-03-131
* reuse append and set_buf across our parsersOmar Polo2021-03-121
* give each parser a nameOmar Polo2021-03-121
* [gemtext] improve parse_linkOmar Polo2021-03-061
* [gemtext] fix append and set_bufOmar Polo2021-03-061
* update the length in set_bufOmar Polo2021-03-021
* flush the buffer when freeing the parserOmar Polo2021-03-021
* initial commitOmar Polo2021-03-021