tag name0.3 (263e15d58402b14a62a0ebfda15cdae20fda89d4)
tag date2021-06-26 09:05:53 +0200
tagged byOmar Polo <op@omarpolo.com>
tagged objectcommit 04c21b67e6...
tagged 0.3 --- "Spaceman"
Bufixes: * ignore SIGPIPE: prevents telescope from dying when connecting to non-tls or non-gemini servers (found by trying to connect to a bogus gemini://gemini.nytpu.com, the correct url is gemini://nytpu.com) * fixed the end-of-buffer (M->) glitch * use the first level 2 or 3 heading as tab title if there are no level 1 heading (due to an error it would use the *last* heading) Improvements: * connect(2) asynchronously on non-OpenBSD systems: I’m having problems using asr_run on linux, but at least the connect(2) can be done asynchronously, improving the load time with multiple tabs opened. * telescope can be customized using a configuration file! * “humanized” byte progress: when downloading a file, shows the human-readable size instead of the raw number of bytes * don’t jump to the beginnig/end of buffer during a previous/next link when there are none * bind ‘>’ to ‘load-url’: it’s more intuitive than ‘C-x C-f’, idea stolen from tinmop (thanks for the idea cage!) * default to a blue foreground for link lines New features: * new tab url customizable * fill-column customizable * new about:* pages: about:blank, about:about and about:help * olivetti-mode (enabled by default) * 256 colors support: all the colors and properties can be customized (but honour NO_COLOR) * added protocol proxy support: allows to use the duckling-proxy * added next-heading and prevous-heading bound to ‘C-c n’ and ‘C-c p’