tag name0.4 (5bfe1f02f4876476e177fe8e823d0c8e7adc70d4)
tag date2021-07-24 09:10:13 +0200
tagged byOmar Polo <op@omarpolo.com>
tagged objectcommit 9b5d7bfee2...
tagged 0.4 -- "La faccia della luna"
* completions in the minibuffer: this allowed various new commands to be implemented (swiper M-/, link-select M-l, toc t and tab-select M-t) * emojify links: when a link starts with an emoji followed by a space, use that emoji as link prefix. This is similar to what Lagrange does. * tabs lazy loading: don’t load all tabs on startup; instead, load them only when selected. * add inc/dec-fill-column (C-c {, C-c }) * push-button (RET) also toggle preformatted blocks * various new settings (hide-pre-blocks, hide-pre-content, hide-pre-closing-line) * load an alternate config file per-term * add suspend-telescope available as C-z * built-in about:* pages can be overridden by creating ~/.telescope/pages/about_*.gmi * added reload-page, available as ‘r’ or ‘<f5>’ * M-prior/next (i.e. alt-pageup/down) binded to tab-previous and next. Currently doesn't seem to be supported by any terminal emulator I tried though. * the net and fs process are now re-exec'd to gain a completely new random address space. All the messages between the processes are completely asynchronous. * various new “intuitive” bindings: C-t for tab-new, C-w for tab-close, [ and ] for tab navigation, B and F for history navigation. * keep the scroll position after resize * invalid certificates that are accepted (but not saved) are remembered for the current session (i.e. don't ask at every page) * deal with BOMs * the side window (“*Help*”) is focusable with C-x o (other-window) * pretty-print help lines in side window * telescope now uses a lockfile to prevent multiple instances * don’t flash the screen when entering in the minibuffer * <home> and <end> moves to the beginning/end of the line * handle unknown protocols gracefully * keep the current tab from the last session on startup * drop trailing spaces when formatting a page * added about:crash with information on how to report crashes * tabs are now separated by a vertical line * make some newlines optional in the config file * fix the bogus certificate mismatch error when navigating back from a proxied page to a normal gemini page * don't crash when there's a redirect immediately after an accepted certificate mismatch * fixed styling of empty lines inside a pre block * print the trailing face until the right column * allow editing old minibuffer history entries * push-button-new-tab (M-enter) now works on relative URLs too * up and down arrow in the minibuffer are bound to previous-completion and next-completion instead of previous/next-history-item * the default styling changed. The old “brutalist” theme was dropped in favour of a more eye-catching one. If you like the old style, load contrib/brutalist.config to restore it * select the *next* tab instead of the previous when closing the current one.