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masteradd elpa badge in the readmeOmar Polo40 hours
1.0vc-got-1.0.tar.gz  vc-got-1.0.tar.bz2  Omar Polo13 days
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40 hoursadd elpa badge in the readmeHEADmasterOmar Polo1
7 daysannotate-time: drop save-excursion, explain why looking-atOmar Polo1
7 daysfmtOmar Polo1
7 daysimprove `diff': handle the case of rev1 nil and rev2 notOmar Polo1
12 daysupdate READMEOmar Polo1
13 daysbump version1.0Omar Polo1
13 daysautomatically register the backend and ignore the .got directoryOmar Polo2
13 daysmove the copyright to the FSFOmar Polo1
13 daysfix find-revisionOmar Polo1
13 dayscleanupOmar Polo1