CHANGES for 0.1

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set auto-focus for the server input request

guard against a missing SERVER_NAME technically should always be sent; in practice don't crash if it's not set.

more to do

annonate some suff to do in the future

backout 5586087cee29f04779e6998b464d33c1fb4235a9 now the configure provides WAIT_ANY on any platform; no need to deviate from "standard" proc.c

look for WAIT_ANY too; define it to -1 if absent


links: use URL if label is made only of blanks thanks cage for unknowingly making me realize this edge case.

fix url handling in tp_figure now we pass the correct url from proxy.c

fix url handling

fix parsing of {! !} block after content the '{' and '!' characters were pushed back in the wrong order and so read as "!{" instead of "{!". add regress for this case, and for similar usage (02 change.)

css: give more space around links

template: add for loops