add some tests for the gemtext parser

refactor the gemtext parser The old one had various issue, for instance it failed to parse "#hello", and could mis-interpret lines starting with "=". The new one is more robust and handles optional spaces better.

export line-eq

add the line-eq generic function it's useful for the (future) tests being able to compare lines.

provide a default value for :text


tweak the readme

drop debug comment

~% instead of terpri we need to terminate the line on the given stream, not on *standard-output*!

gemini: Allow empty meta for failing responses.

Split GUI and Gemini support into separate systems.

add a blockquote line to the test file

add ui bindings for the blockquotes, see #1 I had this in my local tree for a while and forgot to commit them! Since they're here, it'd be a waste to just delete it, even if the ui stuff may not stay around in the long run.

export the blockquote class

Merge pull request #1 from aartaka/blockquote Add blockquote support.