add memmem compat

rework `make dist'

remove -v from gg undocumented flag to dump to stdout the request before doing it. Not useful, it's debugging leftover.

fix previous

work around missing HOST_NAME_MAX too

work around missing LOGIN_NAME_MAX Both Linux and OpenBSD have LOGIN_NAME_MAX available when including limits.h, FreeBSD, Darwin and possibly others don't. FreeBSD (and maybe Darwin) have MAXLOGNAME, so try to use that if available. Otherwise use _POSIX_LOGIN_NAME_MAX, but only has a fallback since it has a lower value (9 at the time of writing). If everything fails, use 32 which is what OpenBSD use by default; OpenSMTPd also defaults to it. (compat copied from kamid.)

always send custom list of fcgi parameters The code in fcgi_req to send the custom params set in the config file was placed inside the conditional for `tls_peer_cert_provided`, so the custom parameters would not be sent if a client certificate is not provided.

remove the last tentacles of the hidden `span' fcgi feature

sync config syntax with reality

make the various strings in the config fixed-length will help in future restructuring to have fixed-size objects.

remove stale comment

retire fcgi' prog field spawning programs was a hidden feature used only for testing. It's gross and when got removed, I forgot to remove the field as well.

specify custom version strings for the various cmds