CHANGES for 0.84

fix tog diff between arbitrary commits Don't assume commit info is always written. This is only true when diffing a commit against (one of) its direct parent(s). Otherwise we perform an invalid read on a tmp got_diff_line array and end up passing bogus offsets to fseeko(). Bug found and fixed by stsp with a minor tweak by me. ok jamsek for stsp's initial diff ok stsp@

gotwebd: gc unused opendir(). ok stsp@

gitconfig.c: look for comments after trimming the start of the line This fixes the (harmless) errors raised by gitconfig.c on indented comment lines and adds a test case for it. Reported by James Cook, thanks! ok stsp@

log gitconfig.c parser errors to stderr, not stdout. ok stsp@

gotwebd.conf: sync defaults The first example is meant to show the default values for all the options. Sync with reality.

fix 'got merge' so it parses gitconfig for author cmd_merge is the only subcommand that may create commits that doesn't parse the git config files, thusly failing for users without GOT_AUTHOR defined. Problem reported by James Cook who also provided an initial test case, thanks! ok jamsek

fix "got fetch" hang against out-of-date remote repositories Do not assume that remote repositories will always have our objects. In Git protocol terms: Do not wait for an ACK from the server before sending the final "done" message. Otherwise servers might be waiting for more have-lines from us in order to find a common ancestor, which will never be sent by us. Problem reported by James Cook who also provided an initial test case ok op@

use newly publicised diff_chunk_type() diff API To skip chunks without newly added lines. ok stsp@

sync files from diff.git e78a8d73c23ee314fdbdf110d5c55866c9ef9680 Moves diff_chunk_type into the public diff API.

have ignore patterns with trailing slashes match directories only ok jamsek

zap no longer needed forward declaration spotted by stsp@

use chunk offset to efficiently detect conflict markers Rather than skip lines, use the new diff APIs to directly seek to each chunk with newly added lines for more efficient conflict marker detection. ok stsp@

sync files from diff.git f26db7cd2804ebc6a3f81e7e00e008450eb42228 Contains new APIs for chunk offset retrieval.

extend test_import_ignores test coverage Cover the case where a regular file would match if the ignore pattern did not have a trailing slash.