drop cgi vestiges from the struct host The `env' list is no longer used since CGI scripts were removed

retire the deprecated `mime' and `map' config options

make the mime types fixed-sized too

make config fields `chroot' and `user' fixed-size

change the flags to be consistent with other OpenBSD daemons -d is `debug' (run in the foreground) -f to load the configuration file adjust regress and contrib accordingly

adjust install/uninstall target gmid.1 was moved as gmid.8 and now we have `ge' too

move gmid to the eight section of the manual

shim for __dead


adjust regress to use `ge' for the old configless test

drop the configless mode from gmid; now it's provided by `ge'

add ge: gemini export!

optionally disable the sandbox on some systems The FreeBSD and Linux' sandbox can't deal with `fastcgi' and `proxy' configuration rules: new sockets needs to be opened and it's either impossible (the former) or a huge pain in the arse (the latter). The sandbox is still always used in case only static files are served.


gc sandbox_executor_process