don't mmap Before we mmap(2) file for reading, and use a buffer to handle CGI scripts. Turns out, for sequential access over the whole mmap isn't better than our loop on read. This has also the additional advantage that we can use handle_cgi (now handle_copy) for both files and CGI, which is pretty cool. This also fixes a nasty bug where we could hang a connection forever, because we scheduled the wrong type of event (read on POLLOUT and write on POLLIN, it's the other way around!)

fix config reload the old server processes would stick around waiting on the signals events. While there, also drop the `struct server_events' and define events as globals.

dup line

improve compat/getprogname on GNU libc but why'd they called it program_invocation_short_name? They couldn't find a longer name?

add check for program_invocation_short_name

add -levent in the example

use fatal instead of err/fprintf+exit fatal logs to the correct place, err only on stderr.

fix compilation on OSes without sandbox

fix setproctitle detection on FreeBSD

link to compat/ even in regress this unlocks the full regress tests on arch, for instance, or every OS where we don't have strl*

[seccomp] allow newfstatat and gettimeofday these are required to run on arch linux (at least)

[seccomp] epoll_wait(2) isn't available on every arch

add newline after usage

fix "first location" bug reported by devel at datenbrei dot de. The first location would overwrite the default value for a server, triggering the "`foo' rule specified more than once" error. This also needed a small tweak on how we match locations to avoid breaking other tests.

fix ca generation