release 0.5

plass.1: specify that find takes an extended case insensitive regexp

pwg: drop -u from the usage, there's no such option

totp: tweak usage() to match the manpage

tweak pwg.1 DESCRIPTION and -w description


pwg.1: start sentences with a capital letter

pwg: specify the expected format for a wordlist

rewrite pwg in perl; fix diceware-style generation issues After a discussion with Alexander Arkhipov turned out pwg had some major issues: - `sort -R' is non-standard (although quite popular) - `sort -R' is not required to employ good randomness - `sort -R | head -nX' has less entropy than a true diceware (not all words have the same probability) So, rewrite it in perl where it's easier to roll an arc4random-esque function on top of /dev/urandom. randline() employs the same algorithm used by arc4random_uniform(). The new diceware generator code was based on a sample code provided by Alexander Arkhipov, thanks!

use File::Path' make_path instead of rolling my own again from volker', thanks!

use extended regular expressions in `plass find' from volker', thanks!

use foreach instead of map to print the matching entries from volker'

missing semicolon; from volker'

fix undefined behaviour reported by perlcritic "return" statement followed by "sort" at line 140, column 2. Behavior is undefined if called in scalar context. (Severity: 5) the fix is the same as in volker' plage(1).

release 0.5