release 0.5

typo: given -> give; while here simplify the sentence too

delete empty line

remove libbsd-overlay mention on the README

totp: remove some (good) BSD-isms (getprogname(), strtonum()) Don't want to add a configure script for this, so to aid portability and avoid having to link to libbsd pretend we don't have these two niceties. err/warn are still in use and won't be removed.

totp.1: update dates

totp.1: rewrite a sentence and mention the URI format in STANDARDS

totp.1: correction URL -> URI

totp.1: add hint that we respect params from the URL

totp: support changing the period too

totp: support other algorithms too

add support for the `digits' query argument allow to print also 7 and 8 digits long codes in addition to the current defaut of 6. Requested by heph

pwg: guard against possible flag-injections

for completeness, percent-decode the secret if needed it shouldn't EVER be needed, but since we handle URIs we should tick this box too.

rework uri2secret to handle (in the future) other params too