prepare release 2.0.4

changelog for 2.0.4

sync file list

add a todo

attempt to deal with the portability fiasco of strnvis(3)

libtls: add missing include

add a nice error message in case the `cgi' option is present was removed with gmid 2.0 but to ease the migration a friendly error message is more useful than a "syntax error".

site: fix syntax for 2.0.2 changelog

site: add changelog for 2.0.3

-current again

prepare release 2.0.3

changelog for 2.0.3

bump date

regress: add a check for `fastcgi off' handling across locations Based on the bug report from Alex, thanks!

fix `fastcgi off' handling When a matching location has a `fastcgi off' directive, we should honour that and stop searching for further location which may have a `fastcgi' directive. Bug reported by Alex // nytpu, thanks!