prepare release 2.0.3

changelog for 2.0.3

bump date

regress: add a check for `fastcgi off' handling across locations Based on the bug report from Alex, thanks!

fix `fastcgi off' handling When a matching location has a `fastcgi off' directive, we should honour that and stop searching for further location which may have a `fastcgi' directive. Bug reported by Alex // nytpu, thanks!

regress: add test_ipv6_server

regress: add a knob to disable test_ipv6_addr at least on the CI is failing with "can't connect to ::1:10965: Address not available" which suggests IPv6 is broken there.


regress: rename ipv4 test and add another with ipv6

iri: add support for raw IPv6 addresses

gg: unbreak -n

regress: run test_ip_addr with host=

explain why we disable runtime tests on macos

regress: use the new gg -q to reduce the blabbering

gg: add -q to avoid printing "Server says"