changes for 0.8.1

handle mark_nonblock_cloexec failure

work around macos lack of SOCK_CLOEXEC / SOCK_NONBLOCK rework mark_nonblock so it sets the cloexec flag too and use it in control.c to avoid these flags. (which are expected to become available on a future revision of POSIX and are already widely available.) It's not an issue for telescope to do the socket/accept + fcntl dance because there aren't threads that can fork(2) (there are no threads at all!) reported by @sikmir at github

bump version

regen manpages

tag 0.8 "Le Scarpe Volanti"

no aarch64 binaries this time

[html] changes for 0.8


mention the codeberg mirror

changes for 0.8 and drop every mention of GPG...

disable landlock it's currently unused (the net process unfortunately can't sensibly make use of it: breaks the DNS...) In the future I'd like to move the parsers in their own (sandboxed) process, so don't delete the landlock code yet.


add a simple test for the text/gemini parser too

fix parser test after parser_serialize changes