initial punycode support

gg may need some compat

use gg instead of for the regression suite

add gg, a barebones Gemini client

brand new regress suite

improve install target

add a configure script and some compat tested on openbsd, alpine and void

remove target leftover from when was generated by gmid.1

improve mime handling we still have an hardcoded list, but this implements the API needed to modify the mappings.

reorganize: move bunch of functions to server.c cgi.c wasn't really needed; it better to group all the server related functions together, cgi or not. Now gmid.c contains only startup and utility code.

build docs + install and static targets

add runtime tests for the server

split into two processes: listener and executor this way, we can sandbox the listener with seccomp (todo) or capsicum (already done) and still have CGI scripts. When we want to exec, we tell the executor what to do, the executor executes the scripts and send the fd backt to the listener.

move cgi stuff to its own file

sandbox also on FreeBSD with capsicum