customizable servname & verbose + misc tweaks * add -H for explicit servname (for SNI) * add -v to print also the request * misc tweaks: move *flag variables to global scope (initialisation to 0 for free!) and explicit handshake.

readme tweaks fix features list and talk about I18N

drop the daemon config in favour of the -f flag Now it daemonize by default when running with a config, unless the -f flag is given.

const-ify puny_decode (and add puny.c)

sync deps and sandbox info


initial punycode support

sane defaults for the config-less mode

[seccomp] allow getrandom

gen compat for getprogname

adding openssl test

unveil x the vhosts directories

we don't need unveil "x" in listener not a big deal, since the pledge prohibits us to exec, but nevertheless.

fix docker example