drop the daemon config in favour of the -f flag Now it daemonize by default when running with a config, unless the -f flag is given.

initial punycode support

sane defaults for the config-less mode

rework the configless mode: change flags and generate certs

chroot & drop privileges


added support for location blocks

initialize config

move configuration init stuff in its own function

add ends_with

const-ify parameter to strtonum

use strtonum

rename mimes to mime ; pass config esplicitly to mime* functions

don't crash on wrong vhost or missing SNI the new logging code was crashing if the client didn't support SNI or if required an unknown vhost: this because we short-circuit in handle_handshake to an error, so c->iri isn't populated yet (we don't even read the request). fixes #1

improve logs now we log the full IRI requested (before was only the path) and the response line (even for CGI).