update package URL

tag 1.1 changelog: * make the `g' keyword in the *Annotate* buffer partially works (shows the whole diff instead of only the diff for the FILES.) * fixed list-branches regexp. * run got fetch and send inside the worktree (so no need to specify -b when pushing a branch that's not the main.) * use got diff -P when diffing: reduces noticeably the time required for diffing multiple files.

fix vc-got-incoming docstring * style: don't go over 80 cols and keep the first line as a full sentence. * correct the description: it diffs the *incoming* history, it doesn't consider the edits on the work tree at all!


remove wrong comment, we've been using got send for a while already

typo & fmt

don't &rest + apply: just make diff-files accept a list

split vc-got--diff into two - vc-got--diff-files diffs the given files - vc-got--diff-objects diffs two refs/tags/objects Reduces noticeably the time required for diffing multiple files.

run `got fetch/send' inside the worktree I ended up running `got fetch' and `got send' from the repo directory when I was using `git push' to send stuff to the server. It was the only way. Now, there's `got send' that works correctly and does the right thing too when ran from a worktree, i.e. push the current branch, not necessarily the HEAD.

fix list-branches regexp

add elpa badge in the readme

annotate-time: drop save-excursion, explain why looking-at The (save-excursion (beginning-of-line) ...) bit is not needed, as the VC interface guarantees us that the point is at the right place before each invocation. While there, add an explanation for the `looking-at' usage: ideally we should use `re-search-forward' (which moves the cursor too) but produces an ugly result. It's the second time I'm stumbling on this and wasting time, so the note is warranted.


improve `diff': handle the case of rev1 nil and rev2 not This makes the `g' keyword in the *Annotate* buffer partially works. (it shows the whole diff instead of only the bits for FILES and includes the commit message)

update README