Commit Briefs

Omar Polo

months -> years; time flies... (master)

Omar Polo

bump version (tags/1.2)

Omar Polo

faster vc-got-working-revision

invoking `got log' to find the working revision of a file is quite heavy. It takes several seconds to run on some occasions and working in /usr/src is a pain. (usr.bin/diff/diff.c takes _seven_ seconds to get the first log entry.) `got info' instead is quicker since it doesn't have to traverse the history but only parse the fileindex. (usr.bin/diff/diff.c takes one second to compare.) It also avoids an extra `got status' call if the file is added since `got info' succeeds but doesn't print any commit information in that case.

Omar Polo

add support for the Author header in vc-log

it gets mapped to the new `got commit -A' flag and overrides the author.




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# vc-got

[![elpa badge](][elpa]

This is an Emacs VC back-end for the [Game of
Tree]( version control system

It's [available on ELPA][elpa]: to install it just `M-x package-install
RET vc-got RET`; vc-got will register itself, there's no need to
`require` it.


## Drawbacks

While I've been using this backend on a daily basis for the last
years, there are some rough edges.  Fetching updates in particular is
one action that *at the moment* is better to do by hand.  Pushing,
committing, blaming etc on the other hand are fully functional.

Note that pushing requires at least got 0.56, other functionalities
should work with older versions.

## Contributing

vc-got is on ELPA and thus a FSF copyright assignment is required.
It's really easy to get one (just send an email), and having one will
allow you to make further contribution to Emacs itself or to various
other packages.