mention in BUGS that it shouldn't look at file extension

don't crash when trying to play a directory with pledge(sendfd) we can't send a fd that represents a directory, so we have to check before and eventually skip.

sync dist list

switch from libmad to libmpg123 libmpg123 is more "loud" than libmad, at least for the mp3s that I have around. Is also newer and maintained. I've heard is also faster, but amused is so simple that it doesn't make any difference.

change the log debug string for player_setup now it includes all the params, not only the rate

fix player wrt unknown files

stray newline

always call playlist_dropcurrent after main_play_song failures otherwise we keep garbage in the playing queue.

unify IMSG_ERR and IMSG_EOF handling IMSG_ERR needs a playlist_dropcurrent(), but otherwise is just the same as IMSG_EOF: the current song ended and we need to move forward. To unify, set current_song to NULL in playlist_dropcurrent, which make sense since right after it we're not playing anything.

move to the previous song in playlist_dropcurrent() this avoids the player skipping two songs on failure.

remove siginfo handling was useful for debugging but now ther's the `status' command for it.

use the Ux macro for "UNIX"

flush stdout after each monitor event otherwise the output may get buffered by a pipe and it's not pretty.

add the `monitor' command