remove the OpenBSD' rc file now that gmid is packaged on OpenBSD the rc file is maintained in the ports tree.

bundle a copy of /usr/share/misc/mime.types

add systemd-sysusers' config file

add script to automatically renew self-signed certificates

add gencert, a simple script to generate self-signed certs

contrib/vim: add Syntastic integration Error and warning messages are prefixed with "error: " and "warning: " correspondingly to ease integration with automated tooling. `yywarn' function added. Off-by-one line numbers in warnings are fixed. Two error messages are reworded to avoid repeating like "error: error in server directive" or "error: syntax error".

sort and tweak rc description

add an example rc(8) script for openbsd copy it to `/etc/rc.d`, write your config in `/etc/gmid.conf` and launch using `rcctl enable gmid && rcctl start gmid`.

move the Dockerfile to contrib/

add an example systemd unit file

add simple vim syntax file