retire fcgi' prog field spawning programs was a hidden feature used only for testing. It's gross and when got removed, I forgot to remove the field as well.

specify custom version strings for the various cmds



remove remnats tentacles of the executor process

server: inline dispatch_imsg

update depends

remove unused entrypoint field ventige of the cgi support (and lack of url rewriting)

don't count twice the failing tests on gmid crash

properly initialize the TAILQs at vhost creation

drop cgi vestiges from the struct host The `env' list is no longer used since CGI scripts were removed

retire the deprecated `mime' and `map' config options

make the mime types fixed-sized too

make config fields `chroot' and `user' fixed-size

change the flags to be consistent with other OpenBSD daemons -d is `debug' (run in the foreground) -f to load the configuration file adjust regress and contrib accordingly